A Good Reason Not to Exercise:: Scary Dogs!!

Every once in a while, I go jogging, and today happened to be one of those whiles, and to be honest, it was a HUGE step for me, but after today’s lesson, I’m sure I’ll do it again…sooner rather than later.

This morning, my plan was to jog as far as I could in thirty minutes, but as I approached the end of the second block, my plan changed.

Out of nowhere, all of a sudden, two boxer dogs came charging at me, barking like crazy. Immediately, I knew they were “guarding” and knew I was the “enemy.”

In a split second, I thought to run, but since the last time I’d jogged was last year, I quickly tossed that thought to the side and did the only thing I knew would work and started commanding THEM to leave.

I firmly said, “IN THE NAME OF JESUS, YOU GET AWAY FROM ME! I COMMAND YOU TO GO, IN JESUS’ NAME!” And just like that, they turned to run away. For a moment, I paused and saw high beams go on.

Feeling protected by the fact they were moving away and the fact that there was someone there, I began to take a step, but as soon as I did, they charged at me, again, but the man in the truck was quick to move and came between me and the dogs.

First, he rolled down his window and hollered at them, and, then, he offered me safety in his backseat, which I gladly accepted. As I got in, he got out and shooed them away. When he’d gotten back in the truck, he said he’d take me a safe distance away, so they wouldn’t get me, and about a block away, he let me out.

In that block, I found out his name (Jay) and thanked him and his son for saving my life, and I meant it. If you know me, I’m not a fan of animals (ESPECIALLY DOGS), so watching them charge at me seemed like a losing fight.

As I continued jogging, I thought about what’d just happened, and the picture of it was of my life (and maybe yours).

I thought how the dogs attacked and how, when I’d used my authority, they backed off but, also, how, after I paused and took a step, their aggression grew, and I wondered if that’s what happens in the spiritual realm.

When darkness attacks, (sometimes) my first thought is to run, which never works, but my first action is to stand and fight, which makes the enemy back down, but as I take the next step, does the enemy attack even stronger to stop my forward motion? Hmm. That led me to think of what happened next.

My new friend, Jay, had placed himself between me and the dogs, fought for me, and took me to safety, and it reminded me of my friends.

Sometimes, the only solution is to be taken to safety, and sometimes, our friends carry us there.

Yes, I could’ve stood alone, rejected this man’s help, and “trusted God” to get me safely through it, but maybe, just maybe, Jay was part of God’s plan see me through, much like my friendships are.

In my life today, there’re many “dogs” attacking me, but because of my friends, I’ve been kept safe.

So, if you live in Harlingen and hear a man named “Jay” talking about a woman who was attacked by dogs, tell him I said, “Hi,” and that I’m forever grateful for what he did for me this morning!


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