A Healing at Checkout

Well, after Friday night’s flop in shopping, Saturday morning was waiting for us to hit the stores, so I woke up early to spend extra time with God, in order to make it through the day.

Okay, here’s some honesty for you.

In San Diego, I’d pray for people a lot but wouldn’t “see” many healings take place, except when my friends would pray, and since I’ve been in Texas, I haven’t seen many healings at all because I rarely pray for people, and yesterday morning, I’d thought about that.

What happens a lot is I’ll meet people, hear a need, think to pray, but, then, don’t follow through. I always walk away knowing I should’ve prayed but not knowing what was wrong with me, and it dawned on me.

“You don’t see people get healed because you’re not praying for people to be healed.”

Many times, even in San Diego, I wouldn’t, necessarily, go-after the healing because I thought I’d mess it up, but it’s not about what you pray but about who God IS in you, and as I thought about that stuff, I carried on with the day.

And then, it happened.

In one of the clothing stores we were in, we were ready to check out, and as we approached the counter, I asked the woman how her morning had been going so far.

She said, “Not very well. I slept wrong, and my chest hurts when I move my arms, and I need to move my arms all day to fold clothes.”

The moment I heard that, I thought, “I should pray for her,” and before the thought was even complete, I asked her if I could pray for her.

She said, “Oh, thank you,” figuring I’d pray as I walked out, but I said, “No, I mean right now, I’ll pray for you,” and she said yes.

After she finished helping Scott, she came to the side and let me lay my hand on her chest. After the first, short prayer, she felt better. I had her move around to test it out, but it wasn’t 100%, so I prayed again.

After that prayer, she moved around more and said it felt even better, so I prayed another quick, demanding prayer, and she felt almost 100% healed. As we hugged, SHE declared that the tiny bit of healing would happen as she worked through the rest of her day.

I’m not sure what’s been holding me back, but I’m glad it’s not holding me back anymore.


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