He Runs to Us

Yesterday, I stopped by one church in Ramona to deliver a set of worship flags, where Rey Richardson​ was going to be leading worship. As I walked through the door, the voices and the sight of my friends overwhelmed me. When you feel love so deeply, even the sight of people takes your breath away, but something even more wonderful happened.

I stepped into the church and saw Sierra​ on stage. Megan​ was across the room. As soon as Sierra saw me, the biggest smile appeared on her face, her eyes glowed with excitement, she ran towards me and hugged me. In the atmosphere, I heard Megan’s excitement as she ran towards me, too. The welcome was overwhelming: to be so loved, to be so appreciated, to be so desired…remarkable. I hung around with them for a little while, worshiped, danced, enjoyed His Presence throughout the place, and then headed on to another church where I had a very important prayer meeting set up.

At the second church in Ramona, Henry Haney​ was leading worship, and it was amazing. As I was “in that place” with God, I saw a vision of Sierra and Megan running to me to meet me at the door, and Jesus said, “That is My reaction when people come to spend time with Me.” I was overwhelmed.

When we make the time with Jesus, He LIGHTS up, RUNS to us, WRAPS His arms around us, and ENJOYS our presence with Him. That is just AMAZING to me!! Sierra and Megan, I will NEVER forget that moment, and I will ALWAYS relate to it, when I spend time with JESUS!! I love you, both, very much!!! ❤

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