Kingdom Identity

Yesterday, Nathan had picture day at school and wanted to color his mo-hawk with some gold spray. Carolyn helped him with it, and by the time they were done, it looked really cool, but wouldn’t you know it…kids made fun of him.

After football practice, he was telling me how almost all the kids made fun of him…laughing at him, saying he had “blonde” hair. We started talking about the cruelty of kids and how they tease.

I said to Nathan, “Now, think about it. If someone did this to their hair, would YOU make fun of them?” He said, “Of course not!” I replied, “I wonder what the parents teach them to where they think that that’s okay.” He said, “That’s easy: they probably don’t act that way around their parents. They’re one way at home and then another way when they’re away from them.” Nathan is not that way.

One thing I’ve noticed about him is that he’s the same at home, at school, at football, at a friend’s house, and I hope he never loses that. I told him that God SEES that about him, and it makes Him smile. He smiled and said, “That makes ME smile.” Today, he’s going to spray it purple. I love how the teasing didn’t stop him from being “him.” He’s such a good boy!

This week, God’s been talking a lot to me about identity. I heard it said, “Little ones are themselves to the fullest, when they’re around their parents.” Right now, I know that first hand, and it’s caused me to explore identity in the Presence of God. If one could find their place in His Presence every moment of the night and day, how wonderfully they’d feel because they’d KNOW their identity. The teasing would slide right off; there’d be no room for offense; boldness would not be something prayed for; etc.

I’m glad I realized my identity BEFORE I started this business. Otherwise, I might be tempted in finding who-I-am in running a business, and that’s not security. It’s knowing who-I-am in Kingdom Presence that will stay with me no matter where I go, what I do, who I’m with, etc.. It’s KNOWING my identity that allows me to live in this supernatural reality of Kingdom living…where FREEDOM breathes!

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