Father’s Day with Lee

Last week, when I had stopped by to visit Lee, he told me how a church had set up showers but that there were so many homeless waiting, he didn’t get to take one, so I invited him over to take one on Sunday, which was yesterday…Father’s Day.

In the early morning, after I dropped off Katie, I went to the park and sat with Lee and another homeless man, Dorian. Lee had been talking to him about the bible, so I joined in. As we left there and as we arrived here at the house, we continued on about the bible and God. After awhile, he opened up about something.

He began to tell me how something was going on with God, but he wasn’t sure what yet. He said, “I can’t seem to put down the bible, and evertime I read, I seem to read the same Scriptures over and over again.” He KNOWS God’s about to reveal something to him. He just doesn’t know what that is yet, so I shared with him some similar instances. He’s excited to find out what God’s trying to say.

It was funny: when we arrived at the house, I remembered to tell him, “Happy Fathers’ Day,” but later on, he said something ornery, and I told him, “I take back my ‘Happy Fathers’ Day.'” He was laughing.

You know, although he’s out of touch with his daughter, he’s still a father, and although he’s out of touch with his mother, he’s still a son. There are countless people in the world who want to be loved, who need to experience God’s love, who are empty without it. Lee was able to spend his special day with company, a nap, a shower, some food, laughter…watching me make flag after flag…critiquing me on some parts (NOT FUN)…he spent the day in a home, and that meant a lot to him.

Sometimes, to give up my time, to give up my home, to give up my conversation (when I don’t want to talk), etc., is worth it for someone to receive love. There were times when I was in the other room doing something, and Lee was STILL talking, as if I could hear him. I think, at times, he just needs to talk, no matter if someone’s listening or not. To be honest, at times, I was annoyed, but at those times, I’d talk to Jesus, and He’d redirect me.

Jesus didn’t say, “Hey, it’s going to be easy. Just live for yourself, and everything will be fine.” No, He spoke about sacrifice, about carrying your cross and following Him, about loving others as yourself, about becoming love, and most of the time, that involves giving some things up.

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the dads out there!!

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