“Listening Heart”

when asked “do you like God?”
a response “I don’t not like Him”

there’s a place in every heart
that wants to like God
but if left unexplained
remains hidden
a place made by God
so that He could be found
by every heart

He doesn’t wait
He chases
He pursues
He loves through darkness
and only sees light

every heart yearns for Him
some without knowing
as He yearns for every heart

every heart hears different
but every heart hears
we each have our part to speak

on the street
no one cares what you sound like
what you pray
just speak
so the voice of God
can be heard by one heart

every day worth living
every one worth meeting
every heart worth loving
every mind worth changing

everywhere you go
the Kingdom is near
ready to be heard
by every heart

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