“Thoughts of the Future”

I wonder what her priorities were
before she met Him at the well

I wonder what her hopes were
before she hid them for the night

I wonder what he dreamt of becoming
before they called him in from tending sheep

I wonder what she thought of herself
before seven demons were cast out

I wonder if a funeral was planned
before she stopped bleeding

I wonder what his future looked like
before he took off his sandals

I wonder what they thought of
before He called them away from their nets

I wonder if our futures were in His heart
as He taught
as He prayed
as He learned
as He was betrayed
as He was doubted
as He was arrested
as He was spat on
as He was beaten
as He was scourged
as He carried His cross
as He was nailed
as He hung there

I wonder what He thought of our future
as He folded the cloth
as He rose
as He took the keys
as He experienced the heart of earth
as He walked among them
as He revealed Himself
as He taught
as He prayed
as He ascended
as He watches
as He prays
as He speaks

my goals have changed
my thoughts are different
my priorities are new
my eyes stay on Him

I’m free to create a future
in knowing Him more
believing who I am
inside His heart

living my life as His reward

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