Awakening Dreams

As I sit here to write, all I keep thinking about is one of the dreams I had last night. It was intense and worth sharing.

In the dream, I was helping out on a campus somewhere, so there were teenagers everywhere and adults helping out. One of the girls smashed her hand and broke two fingers. Her hand was sort of dangling, so maybe something happened to her wrist, too. As someone helped her to grab her bag to head to the hospital, I walked up and offered prayer. She said, “Yes” and sat down.

I sat a little in front of her and began to pray. As I prayed with authority, nothing happened. Many times (in real life), when nothing happens, I quit and move on, but in the dream, something came over me.

I noticed how I was praying WITH authority and began to pray FROM authority. As I spoke to the hand, pain, bones, etc., a screen appeared on the top of her hand. The screen was totally stone grey.

As I was praying, a green lawn appeared on the bottom of the screen and began to move to the top, and as it moved up, the grey formed eyes and began to complain. I kept praying, and the grey became higher and higher, less and less, until her whole hand was the picture of a lawn and sky, and as this thing left her hand, you could see it’s form, so I followed it outside.

As I kept praying from authority, it left and vanished into the air. I turned around to see how the girl was doing, and she was totally healed: no broken fingers, no limp wrist, no grey color…totally healed and went on her way, but the dream continued.

From the beginning of offering prayer, a woman was standing near. After all of this unfolded in front of her eyes, I asked her if she knew Jesus. She said, “No.” By this time, spirits were pretty visible. It was, as if, praying FROM authority lifted a veil that was blocking us from seeing into the spiritual realm. As we both looked at the things flying in the distance, I said, “Well, NOW looks like a good time to believe.” She replied, “No, I’m good.”


Sadly, many are like that today but not for long. I really do feel an army is rising: one that will display God’s Power to the point of convincing, inviting, proclaiming the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.There’s so much freedom to live!

Anyway, I really enjoy having demonic dreams because I always win and I always learn something!! Do you ever have demonic dreams?

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