“Christian Malarkey”

I’ve been questioned about being a friend
I’ve been questioned about how I parent
I’ve been questioned about my relationship with God

isn’t it funny
everything I’ve been questioned about
is part of my calling

I understand why people isolate
but I see all of it as works of Satan

to disrupt friendships
to dishonor parents
to come between one and God

causing people to isolate

where they trust their own thoughts (or his)
where they hold onto resentments
where they tear themselves down into nothing

life lived through God’s heart doesn’t make the questioning stop
it makes the answers stand

even if someone thinks I’m more than a friend
they’re wrong
even if I don’t parent “right” in someone’s eyes
I love my kids well
even if someone wonders if I hear from God
I know His voice
even if I’ve been deleted
I still exist

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