Cells at Work

There’s something about being sick that appeals to me. The whole time I was sick, which was a little over a day, I felt nestled up in God’s lap: the picture of a daughter on her daddy’s lap…him stroking her hair and arm. THAT was me and God, and as much as I don’t like being sick, I like being nestled.

It’s in that place where I rested and let my body do its job.

We’re created so uniquely, so equipped to live in divine health, but eating habits, thought processes, etc. have the ability to mess with our immune system, so if ever I don’t feel well, that’s who I talk to first…my immune system.

It may sound crazy, but after a little over a day, look who’s better!

When I started feeling icky, I began to speak to myself through prayer. I told myself (aloud) how much I loved myself and what a good job my immune system had been doing. I blessed my white blood cells and told them they were doing a really good job, and then addressed the issue of being sick.

Because I know Jesus, I’ve learned the power of His Name, so I commanded every white blood cell in my body to rise up and fight for me, and I commanded them to do it WELL.

Then, while they were at work, I rested, and that homemade soup fed my white blood cells, so in the middle of battle, they’re strengthened to fight on, and voila! I’m all better.

Now, all I need to do is practice staying nestled in God’s lap, while I’m making flags.

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