I used to dress less
so you’d want me more
I had to learn to be modest

but then it went too far
dressing less like a girl
if you know what I mean



but then grew to where
modest was girly
comfy was okay

I admire Middle-Eastern women
covered head to toe
exposing only their eyes

there’s beauty in that
beauty that can’t be seen
only heard

maybe it’s because of my past
but I never want a man attracted to me
by my looks

but God gave me my beauty
so being attracted in that way is good
so why don’t I see that

I’ve tried to purposely look homely
hoping no one will see me
that’s usually when I’m noticed more

God wants for my beauty to be seen
for your beauty to be seen
and for all to compliment His creation

they’re many layers of beauty
I think I’ve experienced every one

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