“Different Places”

there’s a difference between

wanting to die
not wanting to live

I know
because I was there yesterday

oh how I want to write about it
but there’s an element of hiding
that can’t be seen

it’s not that I’m isolating
FROM any one
it’s that I’m isolating TO
the only One Who can help

but this process NEEDS
to be written
it just may need to be
the old-fashioned way


10 thoughts on ““Different Places”

  1. Though each one of us may have fell, or fallen, in our own particular ways, Still — I hope that somehow we realize that we must have some good left from which to draw our reserves and see that our souls wish for goodness, not to participate in chaos and mayhem around us. You must still be good in order to be experiencing the bad and the downtrodden to be able to discern its differences. And that’s why there is Hope. (Yes, that old best-buddy of ours). Leaving the world by choice does not end the chaos on earth; it simply stops forever in time to accompany us there. No; the way forward is life: Choose Life that ye may live! That is the way. Feelings give way to new days (maybe I’ll write that as a poem). I send you cheers (GOOD CHEERS), Laura Lee! Please feel that cheer, even if you might not just feel like it, at the moment.

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  2. I just thought I’d add that it’s been my experience that most people in this forum will not respond to postings in which I’ve spoken of the tumor growing on my forhead, my lack of work, my lack of medical coverage (I’m too poor for Obamacare — I’ve written about it) and therefore, being unable to get this thing removed; I was facing homelessness (but my Mother saved me, for now). Not ONCE did anybody really express any sorrow or sympathy for my condition. Regular followers just ignored my posts, pretending not to have seen or read them. Perhaps your experience will be different, but, what I’m saying is: you’re going to the right source. Maybe there are other people or agencies who can help you with additional tangible support, if needed. We don’t seem to be very reliable as a group of poor, starving artists (writers) in lending much physical assistance, I must report, as viewed through my eyes.

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    1. I apologize for misreading this. I thought you’d meant your mother had helped you with medical assistance. I’ll pray for you.

      I’ve read your other comment but won’t be posting it. I write, so I won’t totally fall apart. Writing helps me.


  3. Alright, Laura. I’m offering my apologies for the forthrightness with which I proferred my opinion to you. I accept your apology for misunderstanding my situation, and any other apology you might wish to profer regarding the additional slight and further humiliation you conferred upon me. The choice is yours at any time. If not, then adieu, and goodbye.


  4. Thanks for the well-wishes. You really have a good heart. I’m sorry for the grief I’ve been giving you.

    I really liked the purple and blue colorings you had out the other day. What do you do? Twist and dip? Paint? Any and all techniques? I see you’re disciplined with this and the color doesn’t just bleed all over the place; you do a good job!

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    1. Randy, I was offended by some of your questions, but it was good. I needed to snap-out-of-it, which I did (before I’d written that poem), and thinking of those questions helped me go deeper with God about some things. I DID hideout for a bit, but it was good.

      All my techniques are quite different at times. I do tie-dying, ice-dying, reverse ice-dying, and a NEW one I just thought of yesterday.

      Thanks for your concern. Now that I’m out of my “funk,” I’ll visit your site more. While I was so down, it was hard to read. Have a great day!!


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