Have you ever heard the same word from heaven twice here on earth and KNEW it had meaning because ‘how could it be spoken over you twice’ came into play? That rarely happens to me, so when it does, it speaks deep into my soul, a place only God can touch.

On Friday night, a friend was speaking into my life words that have changed the way I think about the present, the future, the birdcage, the flight, and in that discussion, he referred to me as “Gumby.” My first thought…”Pokey was my favorite.” [Honestly, that was my first thought.] Anyway, his reasoning for calling me Gumby made sense in heaven AND on earth, and it was something that stuck with me.

Well, last night I went to an unbelievable night of worship and danced for God for over two hours, and at one point, when I stopped for a moment, aches and pains decided to take their places, and a friend of mine immediately started praying into my back. Guess what she called me in that prayer? Gumby! I was blown away.

When I hear things like that repeated, it’s one of the ways God confirms to me that what was said was from Him…that I may trust those words because they poured down from heavens elect. Those are times that I really pay attention, really listen, and move forward in that direction. Obviously, that’s been working for me, so I’ll keep living that way. I can’t even fathom what God is up to.

On Thursday, when I started the business, something happened…a shift. I had had it in my mind that leaving the birdcage was leaving work, but I believe I was wrong. I believe I’ve left the birdcage and am soaring as an eagle right now. Since then, things have been happening. Even last night changed my life, and I won’t let anyone change it back! God is so amazing! What He’s doing in my life will give so many others hope. It’s insane!!

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