6 thoughts on “Question

    1. I find that, if my heart and mind start writing, I have to make a mental note to “pause” and be present where I’m at.

      Also, I enjoy time alone…no distractions. I wondered if other writers experienced that.


  1. I tend to spend more time by myself than with other people. Some is by choice, others by circumstances.
    I tend to be one who does not like to be the hurry up and do something type of person. I enjoy spending time with people, I just don’t “have” to.

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  2. I also have noticed at times, that I have received so strongly that all else is pushed out of the way until I was done writing.

    I had friends that didnt understand that kind of focus to write. It was usually only for a few minutes, but that was all it took at the time.

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    1. There are times when the words trapped inside form tears in my eyes, just waiting to get out, and if I wait too long to write, the words start slipping away.

      I love to love people but love my alone time, as well. I’m hoping to go away for a weekend soon: alone, no kids, no eating, no talking, no electronics…just writing with God.

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