pinks and blues
with splashes of purple
thread going in and out
words start swimming through my heart

there’s pain behind the smile
there’re tears beneath the laugh
as the music plays
as the body moves
there are some things buried deep
that need to be touched by God

do they even know
can they tell their emotions are surface

when laughter comes from the depth of your soul
you know it
when you smile from love and not to prove it
you know

you’ve never felt it that deep

in a crowded room
yet all alone
with a friend
yet still needing a friend
being loved
yet wanting to be loved

truth is sometimes hidden
to protect the person
to protect others
who would understand

silent scars have a way of talking
only to the one who has them

some things
are only meant for God to touch
some things
are left for that special someone
some things
some things
are left alone
until they surface

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