“Veiled to Follow”

it took struggle
for me to see
now that truth is known
nothing will stop
my heart from following
His Voice
His Will
His direction

He shepherds
I shepherd
He loves
I love
He forgives
I forgive
He waits
I wait

He leads
I follow
to lead

people think dependence
means losing control
but dependence on God
puts YOU in control

love without condition
may be foreign
and sought after
by looking through
expectation of fantasy

maybe God has a plan
maybe you’re in it
maybe if you follow
more will be revealed

it’s not for us to understand
but to trust
it’s not for us to figure out
but to follow
it’s not for us to have the answers
but ask the questions

in the past year
there’re things I’ve done
upon His request
had I’d known the journey
would not’ve said yes

I like walking by faith
eyes closed
hands covered
feet afloat
from soaring
in His Will
with the wings He’s created

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