And the Creepy Award Goes To…

Sometimes, just being “me” is all it takes.

This morning, I decided to use an app on my phone that tallies up your calories and steps throughout the day. Since I’d been unhappy with my weight (and was over being depressed), I decided to finally DO something about it.

It’s amazing how knowing you HAVE to record what you eat motivates you to eat better; well, it did me, anyway, and when I realized my phone was counting my steps, I thought I’d push toward the goal it was pushing me towards: 6000.

At one point during the day, I was talking to a friend on the phone, pacing in the backyard, so I’d be “walking,” and as evening came and the weather cooled, I decided to walk around the neighborhood.

Near the end of my walk, I saw an older gentleman on his lawn and said hi. When he said hi back, I took that as an invitation to talk more, so I walked over to him. We chatted until the mosquitoes interrupted, making it time to move on.

Soon after I’d left his yard, a boy about Nathan’s age rode by on a bike. I wondered if I should’ve talked to him, but it’d been too late, so I kept going, and then what do you know: close to my house, I saw him ride by again, but THIS time, I stopped him.

I said, “How old are you?” (Creepy, right? It gets worse…just wait.)

He stopped and said, “Thirteen.” I said, “What’s your name?”, and he told me, so I explained why I stopped him.

“I have a thirteen year old, and we just moved here two weeks ago, and he doesn’t have anyone to kick the soccer ball with. Would you like to meet him sometime?”

He said, “Sure,” so I said, “Would you like to meet him now? We live right there?” (And I pointed to the house.) He said, “Sure,” and followed me.

While I was walking, I turned to him and said, “I’m sorry for being creepy,” but he said, “That’s okay,” so I asked him where he lived, and he pointed down the street.

When we got to the front door, I peeked in the house and said, “Hey, Nathan, come here! I want you to meet someone.”

Looking unsure, he came outside, and I introduced them to each other. TALK ABOUT AWKWARD!

Anyway, I continued making it even MORE awkward by attempting to talk FOR them to get them connected (and laughed throughout,which made it worse). He ended up putting Nathan’s number in his phone.

Yes, I receive this Creepy Award with honor!

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