“Broken Yoke”

I understand the things of God
being one with Him
I get it
but to those who don’t know Him
it might not make sense
so to be unequally yoked
can be devastating

the conversation
the sense of humor
the priorities
the meaning of life
all different

to be one with light
is one thing
but to be one with darkness
is another

but there are some who make it

the honest
open minded
and willing
allow others to be
and encourage them along the way

if you’re with someone who’s high in spirits
they lift you up
but if you’re with someone who’s always quiet
they pull you down

the trick is
getting back up

4 thoughts on ““Broken Yoke”

  1. I would “love” this but there is no “love” button yet for bloggers. lol.

    To me this poem means how personal faith can be for a person and about taking in strides one day at a time. And some may not understand why faith is important to one person but it’s about the personal journey with God. 🙂 Eloquently written.

    Feel free to check out my own poetry blog:


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