Not Dying Out

When I first learned to make worship flags, it was really tough for me to create. My friend, David, is the one who taught me. I would be in front of the white silk, silent…afraid to put any color on at all. He would be nearby, encouraging me to think of different colors, styles, etc. It was SO hard for me, and then, after I learned, I was on my own.

The first time I dyed flags at my home, I wanted him there (simply because I didn’t think I could do it on my own), That first day, I called him so many times. I, literally, did not think I could do it, but then I remembered something I learned.

The Holy Spirit knows how to do everything and is good at everything He does. Since He lives in ME, I’ll be good at anything I do, and then I started to create, and look at me now!

I’ll be honest with you though: every time I make flags, I doubt that some are beautiful or that they’ll be wanted. Now, that doesn’t happen as often, but for a while, it was constant, and almost every time (if not every), the person receiving the flag was ecstatic with how it turned out, and last night was one of those nights.

I delivered flags to three different ladies. Each one said their flags were perfect for them! The more I encounter that, the less I fall for doubt. The truth is the Holy Spirit DOES live in me and DOES know what He’s doing.

When God thought of me, when He created me and knit my soul together, He did not say, “Hmm, let’s put some doubt in there.” No, doubt is a spiritual influence of darkness that attempts to stop people from moving forward in God’s calling on their lives, and it’s under my feet! I will never stop moving forward in His will.

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