Change of Focus

Last week, I was at a church service, and a young missionary was sharing about all the miraculous things God had done while on this trip. This person was listing off hundreds of miracles, signs, and wonders: blind eyes seeing, deaf ears hearing, salvations, etc., and then from the congregation, someone yelled out if any dead were raised. There was a slight pause. Since then, God’s had much to say about that.

How many times do people focus on what God HASN’T done, instead of what He HAS done? This post isn’t meant to offend anyone, unless someone needs to be offended. Sometimes, God offends the heart to reveal a change that needs to be made, so if you’re offended, talk with God about it.

Even in individual lives, people tend to focus on the negative. When I sell flags, I rarely hear back afterwards about if people love them or not, if they’re satisfied or not, etc. If I focused on that silence, I might be tempted to feel pretty bad about my flag-making abilities. Instead, I focus on God and do what He tells me to do. The outcome doesn’t matter.

To me, it’s simple: if you want to see the dead raised, get ordained and hang out at hospitals. If someone passes away, then raise them from the dead, and along the way, make sure to pray for someone’s hurt feelings, someone’s pain, someone’s healing, all the while giving God the glory and sharing with the body of Jesus. He cares about the smallest details and loves it when His people notice and say, “Thank You!!”

All of this reminds me of a past relationship. The man I had been dating was notorious for saying, “I love you, BUT…” That word, “but,” had just cancelled out the “I love you” part. I feel like pointing out what God hasn’t done or focusing on the negative is putting a BUT after all of His goodness. Here’s an example, “God caused the blind to see but didn’t raise the dead.” …doesn’t sound very positive to me.

If we change the way we talk, maybe it’ll change the way people hear.

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