Murky Waters

On Saturday (in late afternoon), I decided to take a bath, which is a strange time of day for me to do that because, normally, I like it dark, candles lit, etc., but sometimes, I think God prompts us to do things so He can speak to us while we’re doing them, and this just so happened to be one of those times.

Since I usually do this at nighttime, it was a little odd being able to see. Shortly after being in the water, I scratched my arm and noticed gunk under my nails, so I rinsed them off in the water. Even after washing, I scratched my arm and collected dead skin, and rinsed my hand in the water again. (Trust me, this is going somewhere.) Right about then, my eyes were opened.

In the water, I could see the dirt floating beneath the surface. I thought, “Normally, I don’t see this stuff because it’s dark,” but in the light, I couldn’t ignore it and stood to rinse off, and then, BAM: God hit me with a revelation.

How often have I been used to the dark and not noticed the filth I was sitting in, but as soon as there was light, the filth was exposed! It’s in that lit place that I had the option to either sit there and soak in it or stand up, rinse off, and step out of the murky waters.

We choose sin. No matter how you try to justify it, it’s a choice. Even Jesus said, “Sin no more.” He didn’t speak the impossible to watch her fail. He spoke the Truth for her to believe. How many times has the darkness “appeared” to be light, all the while, hiding the dirt I’d been believing. I’m not even sure if I’m wording this right, but on Saturday, it spoke loud and clear to me, and along with all this revelation, God gave me direction.

In a very gentle but firm way, God said, “Delete “Candy Crush” from your phone.”” Immediately, I knew why.

For the past couple of weeks (if not more), I have devoted, at least, an hour of my time every day to that game. In some ways, it had become an idol. An idol is anything that comes between you and God…period. Well, I had given this game more attention than needed, so I repented, but repentance involves action, so I wasn’t done yet.

After this revelation rinse, I went to my phone. Thoughts like ‘just one more time’ and ‘by the end of the night’ went through my mind, but those ideas weren’t a reflection of obedience, so I ignored them. I went to my phone, deleted the app, and carried on making flags. I don’t want to sit in the dark. His Light is much more appealing.

Darkness is sneaky and can cover up (and justify) a lot. I always ask God to reveal things to me: insight, sin, direction, etc. Sounds like a good day to do the same.

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