All in One

I love the title God gave me for this because it’s not what you think it is, and that makes me smile.

Lately, grocery shopping has been a luxury…buying meat has been a splurge. It’s just the way it’s been. We do with what we have and buy only what we need. We haven’t been eating fruits and vegetables and stuff because those are “extras.” This isn’t a pitty-potty post. It’s reality sometimes for some people, but the other day, for a moment, all of that changed.

I was sitting with a friend, and she asked me if we had food, so I explained our situation, and to my surprise, she gave me $40.00 to buy something good to make for the kids for dinner. You have no idea what that did to a mommy who loves to cook for her kids.

It opened a door.

That night, I didn’t have my kids, but the next night, I was going to (which was Tuesday). Tuesday morning, I was driving Carolyn to school and asked her what she wanted for dinner, and then it came to me: wait, Kyle doesn’t work Tuesday nights!

And then MORE came to me: I wonder what Katie’s doing, so I asked Carolyn to text her because I was driving. Since she moved out, we’ve only been all together once (I think), so the thought of all my kids being in the same room at the same time was almost indescribable, but the tears making their way down my cheeks right now should give you a hint.

A little later, I found out Katie could come over. Yay!! But that also meant that dinner needed to be vegan, so I began recipe hunting.

That afternoon, Carolyn and I went to “Sprouts” to buy all the ingredients for two vegan dishes. Kyle was picking up hot dog buns for the hot dogs we had, and Nathan brought over some meatball sauce from his dad’s for spaghetti. I was not only able to be with all my kids, but also able to satisfy their hungers.

I thank God for how He knows my heart, how He cares for it, and how He satisfies it with the littlest of things, which usually make the biggest memories and leave the strongest impacts on my soul.

Oh, to be loved by Him is DEFINITELY home!

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