Discernment of Doors

I have often prayed, “God, only open the doors you have for me and close everything else,” but for some reason, I have walked through countless doors that weren’t meant for me to walk through, and I’m not sure how that happened. Well, actually, I “know”…just some things aren’t MEANT for Facebook, but if you ask me, I’ll tell you.

Some of you may know that I almost married a man who hated my laughter, thought I was a bad mother, and didn’t like my kids, and that’s only PART of the list of things that were “wrong” with me, yet I said ‘yes’ to almost spending the rest of my life with him.

For some reason, this is what’s on my mind this morning.

It’s not that God “opened” a door that was bad for me. Looking back, I was deceived in thinking he was the-one and blind to what discernment really was. My kids were damaged, but God’s restoring them as they allow, and because I love God so much, He’s bringing good out of it. Through it all, I learned so much.

Ever since that relationship, I’ve had countless people tell me how awesome my kids are. My discernment is so heightened that I will never walk through the wrong door again. There were so many red flags; it was like I was colorblind. To be really honest, I thought that was all I was worth…settling for whoever wanted me.

I didn’t realize I was a princess, who deserved a prince. I couldn’t imagine that there was a godly man out there who would praise me and the kids and accept us just the way we were. Now, I KNOW, and the cool part about knowing the Truth…you’ll never be deceived with a lie. Living out the Truth makes one free indeed.

I am so blessed to be who I am, where I am, what I am doing, and where I am going. I have never been so secure in being alone in all my life. A friend once told me that the root of alone means “all one.” I am “all one” with my God and never have to worry about being in the wrong hands again!

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