Coffee and Prayer

Well, I believe God is preparing me for more orders to pour in because, yesterday, my production tripled. Not only did I sew a bunch of flags, but two orders were delivered and one order was picked up. Bring it on, God; I’m ready!

As I was delivering flags, I planned to meet my friend at a coffee shop, which ended up being in a grocery store, so we changed our meeting place to an espresso shop in the same plaza.

While crossing the parking lot to wait for my friend, I noticed a woman smoking a cigarette, waiting for her friend to finish talking with people. I went up to her and started chatting with her. I love meeting new people. I was able to pray for her about quitting smoking. Eventually, her friend came over and joined the conversation, so I was able to meet her and pray for her mom. It was so good to laugh with them.

The coolest part about meeting these ladies was finding out how close they live to me. I gave them my contact information and hope they get a hold of me.

When my friend arrived, we headed inside the coffee shop. As we were ordering, I noticed the lady behind the counter had something on her arm. She said it was for elbow tendinitis and said she had a pain level of ten. After praying a quick prayer for her, she said it felt better. She had to help other customers, so better was all we witnessed, but I bet God healed her more.

My friend and I really enjoyed this coffee shop, so much so that when I have the money, I plan to go back, and it’s super close…right next door in La Mesa.

I really hope these ladies contact me. We all laughed together and got along really well! When we listen to His voice, God just moves through people. It’s great!


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