Would they ever know
If my shadow came up missing
Would they ever know
If I hid in some disguise
Blending in with darkness
Never seemed to be appealing
But then again
It’s the perfect place to hide

From wanting love
From wanting marriage
From being there
In certain times of need

From wanting friends
From wanting contact
From letting in
Those who need to see

Either fighting against
Or protecting the Kingdom
Either holding hands
With darkness or with Light
There’s gonna be
A billion thoughts of ought-to
But what it comes to
Is who I am inside

I’m Laura Lee
Adopted in His Kingdom
I live peace
Consumed by His love
I’ve been set free
Not a single thing I’m chained to
I’ll hold my ground
And keep defending Love

It’s all I know
It’s all I want
It’s what I live for

It’s all I need
It’s all I see
It’s all I breathe

To know You
Be known by You
Becoming love

It’s who I am
With You alive
Inside of me

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