Time to Create

I wonder if God waits for us to make the time for Him to fully move through us, to play with our imagination, to make His reality of heaven come to life here on earth. On the second day of my new job, I designed a new flag, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! And wouldn’t you know it: I argued with God about it.

I had a certain piece of material that was intended to be cut in half to make two separate flags, but the material was way too pretty to cut. I felt like God was telling me to leave it whole. I wonder how often we “divide” something, when God’s intention was to leave it whole. Anyway, I laid the material on the table and stared at it, contemplating on what to do. In other words, I was trying to decide if I was hearing God or listening to my emotions.

As I looked at this gorgeous flag, I had no idea what length to cut the weights at because with everything else, I had been taught, and this was brand new, so I listened to God on how long to cut it, and then measured that against one of my other flags, and told God, “That seems too short,” but I kept hearing to make it that length. I even attempted to make it “my” length, but at that point, I couldn’t even continue, so I trimmed the weights down to where HE wanted them and pinned the flag.

Even in the middle of making it, I received a phone call for an order of two flags that this new size was meant to be. That might have made many stop in their tracks, taking THAT as a sign, but by that time, I KNEW it was hearing God and continued to sew, and when it was finished, it was absolutely AMAZING!

When I went to anoint it with the oil of heaven, I was captivated by it’s beauty. Since I’ve been making them and dancing with them, I have never seen a flag dance so beautifully. This one is the appearance of heaven, the appearance goodness, the appearance of purity, the appearance of beauty…all in one. If you think I’m exaggerating, let me know, and I’ll let YOU try it (just to hear you say, “You’re right”). It’s beautiful!

In just my second day at making flags full time, God birthed a new creation out of me. I’m so excited to see what’s to come. I’m so excited to reveal each one to you. For this one, you’ll have to wait because I don’t have a picture yet, but let me set the canvas and the outline in words, so you can fill in the rest with the colors of your imagination.

The length is long and narrow. There are pastel colors throughout, not in any particular order. The minute my arm raises it to dance, it falls in the presence of the angelic: wings come to mind; peace comes to mind; grace comes to mind; beauty comes to mind; purity comes to mind; elegance comes to mind. As it flows from the ceiling to the floor, the flutter of the silk is like the ripple of a thick liquid. As it flows from the floor to the ceiling, the train of the silk rises in a pattern of flight. As it flows overhead, the train of the silk lowers slightly to give the effect of endless wings in motion. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS! He’s definitely got a plan, and I’m definitely in it!!

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