One Year Anniversary

Baptism Sunset, Bahia Point, San Diego July 26, 2014
Baptism Sunset, Bahia Point, San Diego
July 26, 2014

For a long time, I thought that being a good Christian meant going to church and reading your bible. I really didn’t understand the depth of freedom that was possible, so I lived my life on the surface, but once I found out the truth and started to live it, God called me to be re-baptized, and I listened.

When you don’t know who you are in Christ, you’re bound to live life in a way that “seems” right but leads to spiritual darkness. That was the place I was living in: not declaring who I was, but always bringing up who I used to be and what I used to do. I’m not even sure if I’m explaining it right, but it’s how I lived, and it wasn’t very free at all. Eventually, I met someone who was freer than me and started listening.

I began to learn how I was freed from sin, how I was holy, righteous, above reproach in God’s sight, how baptism was a prophetic act of my old sinful nature being buried and my new man being raised out of the water in God’s beautiful glory. As I was learning all of this, I also began to breathe in the depth of my purity, regardless of my past. I started to realize that I wanted to bury the Christian woman I’d become and be raised as a new woman. At the same time, I wanted to marry God, so I did.

As I came out of the water, I switched my mothers ring from my right hand to my left and made a covenant with God. My first act of being married to my First True Love was baptizing my son, Nathan, who was eleven then. He walked into the water, crying because it meant so much to him. I will never forget that day. To forever remind me of it, I wanted to take a picture of the sunset, so I did, and the view was amazing.

Once everyone was out of the way of the shot, I took the picture. When I looked at the phone, I saw a cross in the water. When I looked in the water, it wasn’t there. God gave me a cross sunset picture to remind me of my wedding day with Him…so amazing!!

Even though I’m married to God, I would still enjoy an earthly husband someday but hope to keep this ring as my engagement ring because everything about it means so much. I love the new woman I am and won’t let anyone take any piece of me away!!

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