Hemmed In

Yesterday, as I was making flags, God was speaking to me about the silk of the thread being woven into the material around the weight, and He was relating it with Christ to the church and the husband in the home. I’m not even sure how this will all flow because it doesn’t feel very complete in my head, but God’s telling me to write about it, so we’ll see what happens.

When I make flags, I wrap the material around the weight and sew over the material to hold the weight in. The weight is what guides the movement of the flag. As God was showing me the thread and the material, He showed me how, without the head, it wouldn’t work. Then He spoke of the head.

…the heaviest part of the body: it guides, it thinks, it sees, and then, I was hearing about Jesus being the Head of the church. See, when the flags are in the air, the silk material follows the weight, flowing through the air, creating a dance of heaven. Much like the church: when Christ is the head and the body works together as one, the unity flows through the earth as a dance of heaven, which caused me to think of marriage.

The husband is the head of the household as Christ is the head of the church, carrying so much weight, as in the flag. It was just so beautiful, and I know this is only the beginning of what God’s talking to me about in all of this, but it all ties together to last night.

A friend of mine has been experiencing seeing visions for the very first time. This person has had like four in a matter of days, and one of those visions was about me.

She saw a supernatural being rush through my open door, sit at the head of my table, and write me a check for bills with a dropper full of water. ALL day, God was talking to me about the weight of the head, the Head of the body of Christ, the head of the family, etc. Isn’t that amazing!! All the while, secretly inside, I had been contemplating getting a part time job because I felt like I was failing at selling flags. It all just amazed me!

Anyway, this was the first time my friend had ever had visions, and in having them, she came across commentary about how visions aren’t for today. I guess they were wrong. I love how the bible is alive, how God still moves, speaks, heals, reveals today. What was it that Jesus said…”Greater things you will do”…well, I bet that included a whole bunch of stuff.

I’m excited that my friend’s having visions! I’m excited that I’m running this business! I won’t give up! I KNOW in my heart, without a shadow of doubt, that God called me to make worship flags for now, so because I KNOW this without-a-doubt, I refuse to let doubt enter in any longer. Finally, that assignment’s been broken!!

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