not much time needs to be spent in my heart
until I think of dancers

until I think about God’s treasures
waiting to be found

meeting people who want to know me
meeting people I want to know
sharing my story

I remember being so broke
even dancing
a low income club
hardly taking anything home

taking from the men
the bouncers
the DJ’s
the bartenders

under tipping
over taking

making enough to drink and find drugs
maybe bills
selling my body for rent

God what a difference now

I remember a time making too much
giving too much
losing too much
of myself
having to run away
to get away

whether I made a lot
or a little
money held me there

a vicious circle
spin cycle with no end

some girls make it “work”
unaffected so they say
for now

at times like this
when I remember when
I don’t recognize me ever being

thank God for a billion chances
thank God for new beginnings
thank God rent’s almost due
and I never think of selling any part of me

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